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After a thorough analysis and comparison of different IT solutions, we chose this company for our IT outsourcing needs. This decision proved to be cost-effective, allowing us to cut expenses on in-house staff by more than $46,000 annually. Additionally, they have taken over the filtering of incoming correspondence, significantly easing our daily workload and eliminating the spam issue. Collaborating with this company has been a significant step in optimizing our business.
Hey guys! Just wanna share my experience with this awesome team. They're not just outsourcers; they're like good old friends in the IT world. Ask any question, and bam, you get a clear and comprehensive answer. Can't imagine how we managed without them! Working with them is like having a superhero on the team, always there to help.
Effective solution for SEO. Professional approach, noticeable results. Significant cost savings compared to maintaining an internal specialist. Recommended for companies looking to improve their online presence without extra expenses.
Switching to their IT outsourcing services, our company experienced a significant improvement in managing digital assets. Focusing on business strategies became possible due to complete trust in a team of specialists. The time and resource savings have been substantial, and the service level exceeded all expectations.
I always thought our multilingual website was doomed to constant technical issues. But when I turned to these guys, everything magically fell into place. Now, managing the site doesn't require constant attention and stress, just regular reading of reports. They've made the technical part of my business simpler and more enjoyable.
Wow, so glad we found these guys! Problems with social media and Google visibility were our major headaches. But now, everything's changed – our site is finally being found in search engines, and social media is buzzing with activity. It's just awesome! We never thought IT could impact our business so much. Now it's our superpower!
Since founding our company in 2009, we hadn't placed much importance on our website. However, after starting to work with this team, I realized how crucial online presence is. From changing the design to managing social media and blogs – all this played a key role in our business growth. Seeing real results in reports and inquiries through the website feels like success.
As a company specializing in cars, we always struggled with a slow and inconvenient website. But after these guys took over, everything changed. The loading speed, image quality, user-friendliness – all top-notch. Our customers are happy, and sales have increased. It's been a real breakthrough for us!